Next pack? Road map!


First I just want to say thanks to the few people who have already shown interest in this series. You're the best.

I'm working on a time-sensitive contract at the moment, and it's pretty much demanding all my attention, so the next pack will still be a couple weeks away. I will also be making a free update to this pack with some extra props around the same time. Hope you'll like 'em!

For those of you who are curious, here is my tentative road-map (that will probably change!):

  1. Dungeon Monster Pack
  2. Caves Tileset (it will suit these monsters ^)
  3. Overworld Tileset
  4. Hero Character Pack
  5. Armies Character Pack (generic class type units)

I'll also be doing icons, portraits & UI elements after that.

...All of those packs are going to happen no matter what (barring something happening that prevents me from working at all).

After that, there are a bunch of things I want to add. Village, cliffs (actually really looking forward to this one), woods, crypts, castles, with monster or character packs to release with each one. Since a lot of time and care goes into these, it will depend a little on how well they do if I can get this far. Battle graphics that could be used in a traditional JRPG or for battle cut-scenes like in Shining Force/Fire Emblem are also on my wishlist.

For now, here is a little tiny teaser for the next pack:

Thanks again!


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I see you also plan to make an asset with User Interface for the game. I'd like something as in old DOS games as "Eye of the beholder" or "Dungeon Master", I mean arrows controls, compass, character portrait with health/mana bars and 2 hands for object use / attack, inventory. And some general purpose button like "?", treasure chest, cog wheel, map, magic book.

A bit too much specific, isn't it? Maybe I should hire instead of suggest :D

Feel free to let me know either options ;]

Are you still considering making those other packs? I absolutely love your work.

Yup! Absolutely. Work has slowed a bit as I have another project that's taking priority at the moment.

Since it's been a long time since this blog post, the road-map has changed a little. An overworld tileset is still next, though. (Cave was just made into free-update for the tileset)

Here's a little preview for anyone who doesn't follow my twitter:

I'm excited for it! I saw this pic on your Twitter while I was scrolling through.