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Hi Pita!
Quick question. Would it be possible to add Side Windows?

Best regards.

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Hi Pita :>
I love(x100) your asset.

Would it be weird to 32 x 32 the size of your design?
I don't want to touch your sophisticated art, but I can't help it to meet the specifications of my game. (Sob sob)

I can't find anything I like more than your art!
You're the best! 


Hi Pita, I'd love to make a game with all of your assets but there isn't quite enough for a polished game. Do you have plans to release more sometime soon?


Hi pita,

I am just starting (a few weeks now)

with pixel art and I really like your style and cute drawing technique... Do you have a specific color palette that you use? Because I cannot figure out a nice combination of colors. When I do it, it is either way too saturated or too dark...

Kind Regards.

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I don't have a specific palette, and I'm afraid I don't have a great method for selecting one. You might have better luck posting your work to a website like Pixel Joint or for specific critique on what you're working on (or to just discuss pixel art in general).

I'm probably not the person to ask since I never had the patience to study colour at depth. My sense of colour has been slow to develop and what I know has just been slowly absorbed over many years (and I still have much to learn!)

Thank you

Hello Pita.

I've previously bought all three packs in this set and I love the style. It's very unique and has a ton of charm.

I'm wondering though, do you plan to expand on this and create more sets in the same style any time soon? And/or, do you perhaps take commissions and if so, what are your rates? 


Hi BearNovels,

Thanks for your support and kind comments.

New packs are a low priority for me right now as I have my hands full on other things. That may change at any moment, but for now I have no plans for a new pack any time soon.
Similarly, as of writing this post, I'm not available for taking on commissions.

No problem. Thanks you for your quick reply.

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Doesnt Dwerve have the same art?

Deleted 1 year ago

How many types of outdoor trees are there?

It says in the License, "Licensee may not superficially modify the game artwork and sell it to others for consumption, reproduction or re-sale." Does this mean I can modify it and use it in my game only? Or can I not modify it at all?

You can modify for the purpose of your project, correct. You just can't edit and then re-sell the artwork itself.

I mentioned this on your dungeon set, but is there any chance this will be available with a Unity tilemap scene? I'd pay extra for that if necessary. 

The description mentions autotile, is it 16-tile or 48-tile autotile format?

16 tiles. 
Terrains cover the 16 tiles described here: 2-corner Wang Tiles
Walls, fences, hedges use these 16 tiles: 2-edge Wang Tiles

Hey! I just bought this pack, great work! :) I noticed that it doesnt have any water tiles - do you have any suggestion where I can find some that would fit the style, is the "Overworld tileset" compatible? Cheers!

The water tiles from the overworld tileset won't be compatible straight away. However, with some small tweaks to the grass colour, they could fit fairly easily.

It wouldn't be perfect -- that tileset was a drawn to a different scale than these so there are some minor style differences -- but I think they could do the job.

hello. what is the size of sprites ?

The tiles are 16*16 pixels.

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you need ground tiles that have shadows where the house meets the ground(for the front of the houses). there was one other comment months ago mentioning how the houses looked chopped off at the bottom, the lack of shadows here is why. other than that this set is perfect. even without this fix, I'll be buying this set, but it would be nice to have.

you created shadows on the front sides of the house roofs - this is exactly what's needed except on the grass/dirt infront of houses.

should be relatively easy to create some shadow sprites for use in Tiled that go on their own shadow layer, so there doesn't have to be any modification to other tiles, and we can throw the shadows on the right places. Should basically be three shadow tiles, two corner/edge tiles and a middle tile.

Thanks for clarifying that earlier comment, not sure how I got down the track I was on and see the issue he was describing straight away now.

I don't have plans to amend this set at the moment.

I agree that the bottom edge of the house tiles could use some more breaking up so it isn't so jarring, although I wouldn't personally use the solution you described. Still, you're welcome to make any edits to the set as you see fit.

Thanks again!

Can I use this for my commercial project? I'm making a game.

It can be used for commercial projects, yes.

I've been watching these packs for a while, and noticed these packs have never gone on sale. Is there any chance so I can pick them all up?    Also another character pack would be amazing. ^_^

should the bottoms of the houses be cut off so harshly? i feel like theres a bottom edge missing from the housing.

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Not sure if I understand you correctly, but the height of the walls (minus house upper layer) is deliberately one 16 pixel tile high  -- decided early on that'd be a part of this style and tried to stay consistent with that.

I can understand how some people would prefer taller walls that overlap characters a bit, and that would actually be easier to draw as you don't have to break perspective/geometry to fit stuff in as much, but I'm sticking with how it is in this series.

I didn't understand you correctly, whoops! Not sure how I misinterpreted that.

I don't have plans for making adjustments at the moment. Sorry this part of the tileset bothers you!

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I had already purchased last summer, the Dungeon Tileset and Monster Pack...

I sent Pita requesting a few extra packs that I had ideas for, and he knocked this one out, this Village Tileset.

This is just as awesome as those.

My game will be released soon, and then I will be looking to do a sequel, and will have to purchase those again for that. I will use this purchase for my sequel along with the others.

Thanks, Pita

p.s. Any thoughts on my other requested items? [Bosses, Items, Monster Pack 2, NPC's, Undead Pack]

Thanks for this comment!

I don't want to make any promises regarding future packs, but I definitely would like to add more characters at some point.

Hi Pita do you have any color palette for the set? They're very nice and I wanna use them for my short game.

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There aren't any colour restrictions for this asset pack, so the palette is quite... expansive, haha. I don't think it would be very useful at its current monstrous stage (you may as well be picking from the basic colour picker in your image editor at this point).

If you like the colours I'd treat it like a non-pixel art image and find the colours you like and try to mimic it.


Thanks very much for this tileset, I've been testing it out and making some small tweaks. Looking forward to more graphics from this series :)

Very nice ! I love it


My game ll use houses with walls being 2 tiles high (32). There is any suggestion or tips to build them? Or its easy like the tutorial

2 tile high walls are possible with this set. The tutorial covers this very lightly (just some example pictures - check the 2+ story section). But I recommend looking closely at the example scene (blue roof building) to see how these tiles can be used like that.

Wonderful job on these!

I like it very much.
I bought the image you painted.

Do you want to draw other furniture icons?
I need your furniture image !!

Thank you very much for purchasing!

I enjoyed drawing the furniture a lot! I will be adding more furniture to future tilesets, but the next tileset will probably be more outdoor areas... it could be a while away!

Now you are developing your game as a resource!
So you need a lot of resources to draw.
I'm looking forward to your good resource.

Seu lindo voce é muito bom!

make a 32x32 version pleaseee

Creating a 32x32 version would best be done starting from scratch, so I don't have any plans to do this, sorry!

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Love ur art Style! just loved the roofs

I ll buy the set and make some ajustments to fit my project!

Is the roof too big for the short house ? 

Hi! It can fit buildings as small as 2x4 tiles (including walls). 5x4 tiles if you actually want to fit a door on it.

Does that answer your question? (not sure if I understood correctly)

I assume he just meant visually, i.e. the roof overlay looks too big for the frame of the interior.. but that's a just a matter of perspective! :P

Either way, this pack looks amazing and I had to buy it. I am loving this series and have bought all of your assets, what do you have in mind for the next release?

I made sure the projection is all consistent (although sometimes design / tile efficiency takes preference over that). I think what may be throwing it off for him is that the walls (under layer) are already 'sliced' quite low so that they take up exactly 1 tile without overlap. The roof tiles are not only just adding the roof, but also draw the rest of the wall that has been hidden. Had to do it like this for it to fit with other existing tiles (like the door frames).


I would like to do another outdoors tileset (with cliffs, water, a variety of trees, and maybe farm-related things) before I move on to other settings. I won't decide for sure just yet though.

Awesome, I am looking forward to your next release!

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As a paying customer and loving fan I would 100% vote for this. Especially if the next tileset is also compatible with this one and the dungeon tileset. There are so many artists on Itch that do a little bit of this and a little bit of that - making it very hard to make a game with say an inside AND an outside (who'd do such a thing?!?!?!).

The other thing that might be nice with these three sets is to draw more objects / enemies, girl characters... 

Either way well done. You've done another spectacular job :)

Thanks for this comment! Next tileset will definitely be compatible. I've been wanting to do another character pack for a long time, so that might come first (and will include female heroes for sure).