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thanks for the asset!


Good Day! Is there a color palette available that fits with the tileset? Thank you.

You could extract the color palette yourself from the art assets.

Awesome work. I would LOVE a bow animation for the main hero to add more variety to his attacks (like the goblin sniper).

Yo! This asset pack is the shit! You are legendary for those included tileset and character guides for animations and tiling. Do you take commissions?


Thanks! I'm not currently accepting commissions, sorry. 

Hi ! . Will there be a new Asset pack released , anytime soon ? really love your work

Thanks! Can't say re: next pack. It could be a very long time away as I'm currently knees-deep on another project.

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Hi! Sorry for the noob question here. I see the tilemap is 16x16. When I put a 16x16 tilemap into Construct, everything looks so tiny and I can't even see it. Also your demo gifs don't look 16x16. Should I just scale tilemaps from 16x16 to 32 x 32 in an editor before importing to Construct?

I'm new to gamedev so please excuse of there's some accepted process around this already that I missed.

With modern screen resolutions and pixel art, you're going to need to do some sort of scaling to get the big pixels.

I haven't used Construct before, so I can't give specific advice about that, but in general I would rather scale the pixel art in-engine rather than resizing the actual resources. I would be surprised if Construct doesn't have some way to do this, so you may want to ask in their forums about how other developers go about making pixel art games in that engine.

It may be that they actually do scale the resources themselves, in which case you're right: just scale up the resources to the desired size in any image editor. Just make sure you scale in integers and without anti-aliasing so you don't get blurry or wonky pixels!

Thanks a lot!

This is a great tile set. Very clean and stylish. I also appreciate how you packaged them with example Tiled maps, the html guides, etc. Great stuff.

Hey Pita,

Your sprites are amazing. Trying to put them all in my new game right now.

But I noticed there isn't any animation for death or failure. Is it possible to add them in new update?  

Otherwise I have to  figure out another way, like blink and fade away something   : )

Thank you so much.


I don't plan to add special death animations, sorry.

(another solution: the classic 'spin in a circle then explode!')

That's fine. Good to know : )

Thank you for replying.

Dear Pita,

this looks really nice. I am thinking about starting an open source roguelike game project. Does your license allow that use?  This would be a free browser based game (and open source), so I am not sure if that counts as redistributing or not.


Strictly speaking, the license requires that end users aren't able to extract and use the assets outside of your project.

However, if it's communicated clearly that the assets aren't free and that users need to purchase a license for themselves if they wish to use them in another/their own project I'm ok with it. But your project will never be purely open source using these assets, sorry!

I really liked your style. I bought these and I am really happy to use your things

Hello,  I love this pack very much!  Does this liscense allows me to modify some parts of these assets (add new action of charactor, change weapon , change hair color,etc) and then use the modified version on my commercial game?

Yes, the license allows that! Thanks for supporting me by purchasing this pack, it helps a lot. :)

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Can i monetize a game with that ? Once i paid 10$ is that ok for me to build a game and earn Money from it without giving you or someone else Money ? I understood that, correct me if im wrong.

Yes, you are correct! The license allows you to use the assets for one project (commercial or non-commercial). I don't take a cut after purchase.

Thank you for your quick answer, your job is great !

Has Hero Character base sprites for draw?

Sorry? I don't understand your question.

sorry my bad english.

has the hero base sprite? without the clothes, to draw a new hero

Sorry, there isn't a base sprite like that in this pack.

whats size character and tiles? 16x16?

Yes. Tiles are 16x16. The hero and slime are 16x16, but are sometimes larger during animations.

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Just bought these... Great work.

Keep it up as I need more for my game! :D

I'll keep you posted on my progress... :o)



Next pack is getting there slowly, so I'm behind schedule right now. Still, progress is being made & it's coming for sure.  :)

Great stuff! Looking forward to it. When I have something up and running I'll send you a build, it would be good to hear your thoughts. :)

It's quite a bit of work (understatement!) , but Is there any chance of having a version of the the characters with separated weapons and shadows?

The weapons could be an overlay / underlay, and it would be great to be able to swap out swords etc... you know the score... :)


You're not the first to request interchangeable weapons, so I'm going to consider it later down the line. Right now my focus is just to get a lot of characters & more tilesets done! Separated shadows is much easier, so that's more likely to happen.

Since I can't promise if or when I'll be able to support these features, I'd recommend trying to make these changes yourself, sorry. >_<

No problem! I'll maybe try overlays, I think they'll work... ;o)

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I plan on purchasing this pack in the near future. It looks great. I'm wondering do you have levers in the pack?

It doesn't at the moment! I'll add some in the next update.

me too, it would be great if you also make monster pack

Monster pack is coming next  ᵔᴥᵔ

I look forward to it!

I'm hyped and I haven't even purchased it yet (darned payday!) The art style is amazing! After the monster pack, what's the next course of action? (I guess I'm asking for a roadmap though I'm being a little too over eager!)

Thank you! It really helps a lot to hear that. :)

I just made a devlog answering that question:

It also has a tiny preview of two of the new additions that will be in the next pack. :>