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Painstakingly crafted pixel graphics full of charm.

Designed specifically to suit SRPGs, but would also suit RPGsaction RPGs, rogue-likes, etc.

Package includes:

Dungeon Tileset

Single tileset, .PNG format. Individual tiles are 16x16 pixels. Tileset includes:

  • Dungeon floor (+several variants and details, 2 with autotiling capability)
  • Dungeon walls (covering all configurations, plus damaged wall alternates)
  • Pit (autotile capability)
  • Wooden door/Iron bar gate (front/side versions) + archway
  • Multiple props: shelves, crates, pots, weapon racks, chests, stool, table, chains, throne, rubble, wood pile (+alternate versions for many)
  • Animated torches & spike traps.
  • A palette swap of floors and walls for variety.


  • Cave walls
  • Cave floor extras
  • Lever

Also included is a detailed guide &  .TMX examples.

BONUS Hero & Slime Sprites

A small preview of upcoming character packs. Fully animated basic adventurer and enemy slime. Includes the following for both characters:

  • Idle animations
  • Selected/action animations
  • Walk animations (up, down, side)
  • Attack animations (up, down, side)
  • Hit animations (up, down, side)

Licence: GameDev Market pro licence



This is the first package in this series. With these assets I want to recreate the magical feeling I had while playing the classic SRPGs of old. If you're interested in hearing about updates/additions to these and other game assets, check out my twitter or tumblr.

Thank you for your support!


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TagsFantasy, JRPG, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Sprites, Strategy RPG, Tactical RPG, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

rpg-dungeon-pack v1.1(wonderdot).zip 304 kB

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just picked this up, really great set. I appreciate the documentation on how best to use some of the layers and patterns.


Easily the most professional asset pack I've come across. The included html instructions make it a joy to use!

hallo guten tag.

das sieht wirklich sehr schick aus :)


1: Idle, select, hit are 3 frames. Move, attack, are 4 frames. There are also some extra frames for facing left/right/up, but they are not animated.
2: Idle/select are only down-facing. You can extend and edit the assets as you see fit.
3: You can share freely and no credit is required.

This is really great, Pita. Amazing work. The documentation makes the assets much easier to use. The whole package is perfectly organized. Can't wait for the next bundle.

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Hi!, the assets look great and I like to buy this for my dream game prototype and I have some questions!

1: how many frames each animation have?

2: the character & slime have 4 direction idle frame?, if not can I add the missing frames?

3: can I share the game on social media freely or I need to give credit? (of course I will recommended your assets for everyone when I share it but credit its must in the game or something?)

4: the tileset support autotiles?

I like to buy that tomorrow so I be glad if you answer me soon as possible! :)

Is the character animated in all 8 directions?
(including N S E W SW SE NW NE)
or just the basic 4 directions?

N S and E (flip to get W facing). Idle/select animation is S facing only.

Hello Pita, can you kindly reply to my email? (Paolo N.)

Thanks in advance


Bought this tile set ages ago, finally get the chance to use it for a project. Incredible asset, specially the detailed instructions on how to use the asset pack. Great work!  


i need  tons of monsters sprites not tilsets ... there are soo may tilsets here but  soo little NPC sprites for topdown animations...


I was wondering if you were for hire. I am an experienced game developer who is looking for a pixel artist to make a couple tilesets for a game I am working on. I have some experience working with pixelart, and I would be working alongside you. If you're interested, we can negotiate your payment; I am thinking I could pay you a portion in advance, and the rest after- a mutually beneficial deal I think.


P.S. I really enjoy your art style so far. Great work, regardless of what you decide! 

I'm not available for hire at the moment. 
Best of luck with your game and thanks for the compliment!

Hi Pita

I'm currently creating a game using this pack (I think the monster pack was included too). I want to upload the demo version on itch.io. Am i allowed to do that? I'll give you credits.

Thanks in advance

Yes, you are allowed to use these assets in released projects, free or commercial. Go ahead. Credit is not strictly necessary, but welcome.



I think i will give you some credits, so more people can have a good experinece with your amazing pack.

Hi, wanted to ask how the walk animation of the Hero looks like. Does one see the sword at all times?
If Possible I'd like to use the character as a template and and overlay weapons/tools later, but if the weapon is part of the sprite's walk/idle that might be tricky.

The sword is visible in all the animations, I'm afraid.

Hello there I have a question (Btw I've bought this package).

My question is about the idle animation.
In the doc you wrote: "NOTE: There are still idle frames for up and side directions. I squeezed them into the sheet in rows 9,10,11, 4th column."

I can't get what frames I have to use in addition to those you noted for making the idle for up and side.I mean for the normal idle I have 3 frames that I "ping-pong" and it works well but for up and side I have no clue.
Thanks in advance

Sorry for the confusion. There aren't any idle animations for the side/up directions, just stills.

Oh sorry, my bad. English is not my native language. I translated "still" like "more" and not like "standing still".
Anyway thanks for your reply.

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Any plans to add a death animation? For this and the monster pack?

No plans for this, sorry!

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dude this is way to awesome to be real 0_0

one day i will buy it, it's only a matter of time :D
Really, dude, this SOOOO awesome.

I've literally never seen better dungeon tileset in my life.

I'm gonna do a roguelike game soon, after i finish my current game.

And of course, i'll buy your rpg monster pack too.

I can't even describe how great this is.

I'll also check all your assets, and mb buy some of them too :D

Good bye, bro,

be healthy :)

Best one on the site, I've based a game I'm 700 hours in on, on this tileset. Slowly editing all of them to make it my own. Great place to start.


I was able to get the walls going in Unity rule tiles. I'm working through the rest of it. It's useful that you provided a reference document.


When I try to do Unity sprite editor and slice it into 16x16 pixel, it seems to be off. Any recommendations on settings I need to modify?

I'm not an expert with Unity by any means, and haven't used Unity for a long time. I'd recommend asking the Unity community about this. 

There shouldn't be any offsets you need to make (the tiles are all aligned correctly), however there are issues with the 2D tile system in Unity and tearing, which might be what you're encountering. Again, I'm not an expert in Unity, so I'd recommend asking there about these problems.


Hi Pita, great art! Do you plan for the future to create more humans, like an archer or mage characters? Keep up the awesome work!


I've had this asset pack for a while and just logged in for the first time in ages on itch. I think it's fair I take the time to say that this asset pack has been one of the best I've ever used (along with the Village Tileset).

If you're thinking of getting this, I don't think you'll regret it. Really great work Pita.

I see you have a Unity setup for the Overworld. Any chance we could get the same for this? Or maybe you can give tips on how to use this or any of your other packages in Unity?

I don't intend to make a unity package for this (or the Dungeon set). I don't know much about Unity so don't feel particularly comfortable giving specific advice about it.  From memory, when I setting up the Overworld tileset for Unity I followed the instructions in the manual (here) and a blog post on the Unity blog (here). Things may have changed in Unity since that blog post and since I made that package. A quick search of 'unity tilemap' on youtube brings up more than a few more recent tutorials, so I'd probably start there.

Sorry I can't help more!

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Thanks for the reply. I know a lot about Unity, but I come from the 3D world and I'm new to tilemaps and such. I did notice that there are some importers for unity that will take maps from Tiled and bring them in. Perhaps I'll give that a go. 

This is the asset that looks like it could do it. I just want to have auto tiling setup without having to spend too much time on it. I guess I'll roll up my sleeves and see how it goes. :D


Deleted 100 days ago

I don't plan to add side/rear idle animations, sorry.

Do these work well with RPG Maker VX Ace

There are three main issues from memory (I'm not well-versed in RPG Maker):

  • These aren't in the format that RPG Maker VX Ace accepts, so you'll need to shift things around so they fit how VX Ace wants them.
  • These are 16x16 pixel tiles. RPG Maker VX Ace uses 32x32 pixel tiles I think. You could double the size of the tiles to make them fit, but they'll have bigger pixels than everything else assuming they also haven't been doubled.
  • I believe the auto-tiling that RPG Maker uses is not that same format that I've used here, so you will have to do some editing if you want to use the auto-tiling terrains in RPG Maker.
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hi, I want to create a game using your sprites, but in my country 10 dollars is not a little money. Can you give me free?  If so, then I will be extremely grateful to you.

Myabe later i can buy village pack but not now... 馃檮 

Really wait your answer. Sry for my English 馃槉

Are you open for commissions?  We tried messaging you on Twitter but you don't have messages open.

Hi, I'm not taking on any extra work currently. Thanks for asking.

I'm sorry to hear that, but you have to do your own thing like everyone else right!   
I'd like to be put on the waiting list for when you are available, we are definitely interested.  Thank you for your time, see ya!

working on a phaser js game to learn stuff and this is what i have, they are all animated

thanks for the asset!


Good Day! Is there a color palette available that fits with the tileset? Thank you.

You could extract the color palette yourself from the art assets.

Awesome work. I would LOVE a bow animation for the main hero to add more variety to his attacks (like the goblin sniper).

Yo! This asset pack is the shit! You are legendary for those included tileset and character guides for animations and tiling. Do you take commissions?


Thanks! I'm not currently accepting commissions, sorry. 

Hi ! . Will there be a new Asset pack released , anytime soon ? really love your work

Thanks! Can't say re: next pack. It could be a very long time away as I'm currently knees-deep on another project.

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Hi! Sorry for the noob question here. I see the tilemap is 16x16. When I put a 16x16 tilemap into Construct, everything looks so tiny and I can't even see it. Also your demo gifs don't look 16x16. Should I just scale tilemaps from 16x16 to 32 x 32 in an editor before importing to Construct?

I'm new to gamedev so please excuse of there's some accepted process around this already that I missed.

With modern screen resolutions and pixel art, you're going to need to do some sort of scaling to get the big pixels.

I haven't used Construct before, so I can't give specific advice about that, but in general I would rather scale the pixel art in-engine rather than resizing the actual resources. I would be surprised if Construct doesn't have some way to do this, so you may want to ask in their forums about how other developers go about making pixel art games in that engine.

It may be that they actually do scale the resources themselves, in which case you're right: just scale up the resources to the desired size in any image editor. Just make sure you scale in integers and without anti-aliasing so you don't get blurry or wonky pixels!

Thanks a lot!

This is a great tile set. Very clean and stylish. I also appreciate how you packaged them with example Tiled maps, the html guides, etc. Great stuff.

Hey Pita,

Your sprites are amazing. Trying to put them all in my new game right now.

But I noticed there isn't any animation for death or failure. Is it possible to add them in new update?  

Otherwise I have to  figure out another way, like blink and fade away something   : )

Thank you so much.


I don't plan to add special death animations, sorry.

(another solution: the classic 'spin in a circle then explode!')

That's fine. Good to know : )

Thank you for replying.

Dear Pita,

this looks really nice. I am thinking about starting an open source roguelike game project. Does your license allow that use?  This would be a free browser based game (and open source), so I am not sure if that counts as redistributing or not.


Strictly speaking, the license requires that end users aren't able to extract and use the assets outside of your project.

However, if it's communicated clearly that the assets aren't free and that users need to purchase a license for themselves if they wish to use them in another/their own project I'm ok with it. But your project will never be purely open source using these assets, sorry!

I really liked your style. I bought these and I am really happy to use your things

Hello,  I love this pack very much!  Does this liscense allows me to modify some parts of these assets (add new action of charactor, change weapon , change hair color,etc) and then use the modified version on my commercial game?

Yes, the license allows that! Thanks for supporting me by purchasing this pack, it helps a lot. :)

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