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I love all of your packs so much and I've used them heavily in my game! Thanks for making these available!


Hi Pita!
You plan to create new tilesets like
RPG Village Tileset? in dungeons, desert etc? I am very interested.

Doubt: This world tileset would be GIF compatible
RPG Village Tileset? For use in the same game.

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Is this compatible with your Monster and Dungeon tileset?  In the regards it will look the same thematic and size/style?  

Yes, they're both 16x16 pixel tiles, and designed as if they were for the same project.

How long will you be on your current project before being able to accept more commisions? When you are free I would like you to consider doing a commision for me ill pay for you to continue this project and greatly expand it and will pay well. This has been what I have been looking for for quite some time. it reminds me of the early Ultima games but updated.

This is gorgeous!!!! 
Do you plan to add Snow/desert (or any other more) themed tiles in a  future?

I'd love to add more environments like that, but it's currently on the back-burner due to my other commitments. If/when I get time to work on this asset pack series, another character pack will be next up before anything like that.

Thank you for replying!
Just bought this Pack, and the Dungeon and monster's one (Village one is next :P) and im seriously in love with it!

A character pack would be an amazing adition! Currently working in a Fire emblem like game, and the character pack would come super handy, as of right now Im taking the base hero sprite (from dungeon pack) and trying to draw over it to make it fit for other characters (I hope thats ok with you)

In any case thank you so much for sharing your work! I look forward for more assets packs from you :)!

I love this! It's dead-on the look I was after for my current project :D

Though, any tips on the animation and unity (2018)?  I can't seem to find any information in the zip file about it, basically my animations are playing way too slow.

Thanks for your comment!
It's been a while since I've tinkered from Unity, but from memory there are couple different places you can affect animation speeds for tiles. Easiest way is to adjust the animation frame rate of the entire tilemap (just double check your tiles are on the correct tilemap if it doesn't appear to change anything). You can also change the frame duration of the animated tiles one by one.. Could be a bit tortuous that way but possible.

Here's a video showing the two different ways:

I'm not a unity expert by any means, so hopefully that helps!

minor fix for Linux/ Mac with case sensitive files: rename `guideImages` to `guideimages`

Woops! Thanks for letting me know.

Is it compatible with RPG MAKER MV out of the box?

No, it isn't. Sorry! I need to refresh my memory on what needs to be done, but due to RPG Maker MV's restrictions I think it will need quite a bit of editing to work.

It is easy to adapt, actually! The problem is with me. I don't know how to configure tilesets, unfortunately. You have done a nice job with this one, BTW!

It would fit perfectly to the game we are doing, though.


Your guide.html file is awesome


great job!


Thank you everyone for the nice comments. :>


Amazing had to grab this! I also wanted to thank you, I really appreciate your technical guides and example files, incredibly useful


Such a great style! 


So beautiful ( :


So excited that this is out! Beautiful work.