Version 1.1 - Unity package, Bridges, Caves

Bridges & caves!

Version 1.1 update

  • Unity package added
    • Large example scene
    • Tileset spritesheet spliced and tiles named appropriately for easy searching
    • Animated tiles set up using Unity Technologies 2D-extras animated tile script
    • Tile Palette also ready to go

Note: this package was created using Unity version 2018.1.6. It does not appear to be compatible with earlier versions.

  • A few more tiles
    • Bridges! Up/down, left/right facing. Can be any length
    • More cave entrances. All the previous cave entrances now have cliff-face versions. Also added a more natural looking cave entrance
  • Small fixes
    • One of the ocean sparkle frames was missing. Woops!
    • Filled in some missing pixels in ocean-cliff-grass transition tiles

File names/directories have been adjusted in this update to be more consistent with the Unity release. Sorry about that!


rpg-overworld-tileset v1.1 (wonderdot).zip 1 MB
Jul 14, 2018

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